The BG4

The BG4 is comprised of four photographers who joined together for a workshop led by Brian W Gaston in the spring of 2021 to collaborate on improving their creativity using Photoshop and other digital editing programs. They are excited to be presenting The Creative Eye together at the Stuart Jackson Gallery.

The members are:

Brian W Gaston

Brian is an engineer who is keenly interested in both the art and science of photography. He is honoured to provide leadership for the BG4 group of talented artists.

Carol Dorman

Carol’s passion for photography began in high school and she has found it a useful skill throughout her career. Digital photography reignited her passion and in 2005 she began experimenting with creative and surreal compositions.

Mary Catherine Tierney

Mary Catherine is a neuroscientist and professor emerita who became interested in photography because of the creativity and technical skills required from camera to image processing. She has a particular interest in capturing stillness and beauty in our complex world.

Neema Lakin-Dainow

Neema is an educator and a mixed media artist who has become fascinated with photography. As well as photographing different aspects of everyday objects and scenes, she often combines her photographic images with her paintings and drawings.